Moodle vs Chamilo

When thinking of an Open Source LMS/VLE, most of you probably think immediately of Moodle. Moodle has been around since 2001 and now has an important community of followers and companies developing modules for it. But in terms of usability and integrated features, Chamilo has a lot to offer which is not included in the basic version of Moodle.
Looking for a virtual learning environment?
AdVirtua offers e-learning solutions based on the Chamilo open source platform ( Whether your organization already has a LMS/VLE platform in place or is looking for an innovative solution, we can offer services to accomodate your e-learning needs.
Chamilo offers unmatched flexibility and customisation and is one of the most performant platforms on the LMS market.

Which features are available in the basic versions of Chamilo vs Moodle?
Feature Chamilo Moodle
Course Description yes yes
Agenda yes additional module
Announcements yes yes
Documents and files yes additional module
Tests and Quizzes yes yes
Learning path / SCORM yes additional module
Dashboard(statistics) yes no
Social Network yes no
Weblinks yes yes
Message boards/Forums yes yes
Groups yes additional module
Assignments yes yes
Videoconference yes additional module
Mail inbox yes no
User list yes yes
Interactive chat yes yes
Assessments yes additional module
Glossary yes yes
Course progress yes additional module
Document sharing yes additional module
Polls and Surveys yes yes
Wiki yes yes
Personal notes yes yes
Blogs yes yes
Content production yes yes

In terms of content, AdVirtua offers content application design based on Flash, and also audio and video production.(Cubase SX and After Effects)
Our interest also lies in serious games and how games can be used for efficient training in learning environments.