Do you speak the right language? We do. Whether you need a website, software or creative translation, AdVirtua coordinates your projects by working with experienced localisation and translation specialists throughout the world.

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The world is listening to you

Our popular localisation requests include Dutch, French, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and German, with more languages available on demand.

As many international organisations based in Brussels are happy with our services, we work regularly with the official 25 European languages and have a network of translators who can get your content translated and made available in all European countries at a glance.

Offering competitive rates for all languages, we deliver expert quality translation in all fields.

We provide translations, revisions and proofreading in the following areas:

·Press kits
·Software interface
·Software manuals
·Advertising documents

We employ the most meticulous localisation specialists with solid experience in translation and software localisation in over 100 languages.