AdVirtua translates your content and your documents, and allows you to reach your customers all around the world.

We are a clever localization solutions agency offering translation services, graphic design, web and mobile app development.

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Flexible translation and localization solutions

We provide translation and localization solutions for your documents, software and manuals, allowing you to reach an even more important audience outside of your home territory.

Working with experienced localization solutions and translation specialists throughout the world, we localize your projects and deliver expert Localization testing and bug reports to suit your needs.

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Localization Experts in your field

Each industry, each market segment and each product is unique. In order to guarantee that your localization is faithful to the original, we select different experts for each project.

Those experts are specialised and experienced in your field and deliver excellent quality work according to industry quality standards.

Creative Localization Solutions

Our integrated approach allows for the creation and localization of your content on multiple virtual and physical channels: web, mobile, social media, brochures, events…

Our designers take a creative and holistic approach in order to faithfully reproduce your content. They are highly skilled in the Adobe Creative suite and mobile development software.


We recruit experts in your particular field to translate and proofread your specific content.
Our translators are experienced professionals and are carefully selected to ensure high quality work.

Our minimum requirements for translators:
– Educated to degree level
– 5 years minimum professional experience
– Members of industry recognised bodies
– Native speakers and linguists

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We provide you with a dedicated project manager, a detailed project plan and a weekly report of translation progress.

We know the importance of knowing each individual culture. We also know that faithful localization means that your product will be perceived as the best one on the market.

We will build a specific translation memory for you using the latest localization solutions, to ensure consistent use of terms between your different projects. This can also help to reduce costs in the long term.


In order to deliver flexible localization solutions, we adapt to your content, whether you work with Excel, Word, Localization tools, SCORM, XML, Flash, PHP, HTML… Our developers can adapt and work in your files directly if needed, and export them.

We also offer bug reporting according to industry standards, including a detailed description of the nature of the problem, and suggest sensible solutions.

We provide competitive and affordable rates, please get in touch for your free quote today.

Technical translation

Ensure the accuracy and consistency of your technical documents and manuals in every language

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Marketing translation

Communicate with your audience using the same tone across all markets

Legal translation

Translate and legalize your content in any country using sworn translators working directly with national and international courts.