Software is part of the daily life of every business. As a software publisher, you may find that giving your clients a software interface in their native language will make things a lot easier for them. This is especially true if they are a software reseller or IT service provider and they need to distribute your software to customers in another country speaking a different language. We have extensive experience localizing enterprise software such as ERP and Document Management Software.

Software localization is a unique process yet few companies give it the importance that is deserves. Localization is often rushed at the end of the development process and this can delay the publishing process and push deadlines.

As well as the unique vocabulary that will have to be produced and adapted for your software, the translation of many software terms has to be consistent with other uses and translations in the main operating systems, and therefore specialized software translators will be assigned to the project.

Respecting the number of characters in a given text string is often also important when dealing with software translation in order to avoid localization problems during implementation.

We provide testing and bug reports according to the highest standards in the industry and work directly with your developers in order to ensure smooth implementation and guarantee the functionality of all your software operations.