Sworn translation is an integral part of the administrative system in Europe.
It is an essential part of national and international administrative procedures and of the tendering process.

The language of legal work requires the highest standards of accuracy and precision – double meanings and ambiguity can be costly and frustrating in your own language, imagine if you are working with clients or witnesses who speak another tongue, or written material and contracts in another language.

Our translators are:

Native speakers
Culturally and professionally up to date
Legally qualified
Sworn translators and Interpreters with the courts of Belgium and abroad

Our translators have first hand knowledge of the jurisdiction, language and culture. They can make your translation as culturally and legally sharp as possible.

These are some of the documents we translate and/or certify:

Commercial contracts
Deeds of ownership
Employment contracts
Witness statements
Police certificates
Divorce documents
Marriage certificates
Power of attorney
Birth certificates

We work with sworn translators and notaries; we are able to certify documents as true and authoritative translations for use in official capacities.

We have interpreters to assist in all manner of legal cases, who work regularly with the legal system and the police on evictions, court cases, telephone interpreting, auditions, hearings, etc.