Advirtua offers e-learning localization solutions and platforms for all your e-learning content.
We have experience with multiple e-learning platforms and content development tools.

AdVirtua has been involved in the e-learning industry and e-learning localization since 2010. We offer translation services to many e-learning companies. As a board member on the board of directors of the learning management software Chamilo, available in 50 languages worldwide, AdVirtua guarantees a consistent and insightful use of e-learning terminology and vocabulary.

Whether you are looking to translate content or localise an e-learning platform, AdVirtua and their e-learning experts can help you to take steps in the right direction.

Our services include localizing existing content for our clients. Our teams also have experience in developing e-learning apps for mobile phones and e-learning serious games for language training.

Looking for a virtual learning environment offering e-learning localization?

AdVirtua and their partners also offer e-learning solutions based on the Chamilo open source platform ( Whether your organization already has a LMS/VLE platform in place or is looking for an innovative solution, we can offer services to accomodate your e-learning localization needs and not only localize but also distribute your e-learning content.

Chamilo offers unmatched flexibility and customisation and is one of the most performant open source platforms on the LMS market.

Content production

In terms of content, AdVirtua offers content application design based on Flash, Unity, mobile phone apps and also audio and video content production.(Unity, Cubase, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere)

Our interest also lies in serious games and how games can be used for efficient training in learning environments.

Our graphic designers use Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator to faithfully adapt your graphics and materials.

An important part of your e-learning localization, video content can be subtitled with ease. We can take care of the timing of your subtitles, translation, reencoding and mastering. Subtitles can be hardcoded into the video or added as a separate file for later reference.